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A Plot Twist

Have you ever wondered, is this what life is supposed to be? We were not born with a manual to give us an idea of how life works. If you find yourself uncertain as to why things are the way they are, join me has I share some thoughts on the topic.

Our lives are really like a story, and we are adding more to it every day. If the truth be told, I believe that we are the ones who decide what that story will tell. Tony Robbins has a famous quote that goes like this, “Is Life happening to you or for you? I love this quote. Why? It will often help us decide what role we are playing in any given chapter of Life. If it is happening to us then we can put ourselves in a defenseless position, maybe that of a victim, and must surrender to the powers that be. If life is happening for us, we can work with the circumstances and move forward in whatever lesson, insight, or awareness that is ours for the taking.

Stories are away for our brains to process the circumstances life has to offer. We think that it is logic that gives us our thoughts, but it is really circumstances. Our brain is busy anaylzing and filing those circumstances away for future reference. The interpretation we come to has so much to do with perceptions, past experiences, culture, and ideas that have been passed down through our family lineage. When those things are put into question new and different stories can begin to emerge.

Owning those stories that are created in our lives take a lot of courage, and that can be challenging, especially when most of our lives we have had others tell us what the story is instead of taking responsibility for creating our own interpretation. In our culture (America) today we are given a live path that goes something like this: We go to school, college is encouraged, get a good paying job, find a spouse, buy a home, and raise some kids, right?! Then we wonder why we aren’t happy when we have all those things. None of these things address our own talents or passions. People are happiest when we are growing and giving. That does not have to be in a grandiose way. One example might be, we are learning how to grow crops in new and innovative ways we are giving back to the earth. If we look at people who inspire us, these folks are doing just that. Mother Teresa is an other example of this. She was growing in ways to help the poor. What an adventurous life, and she was doing what she felt she was here to do.

How do we move out of the stories that were handed down to us and into stories that fulfill us? When we make the choice to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves about how your stories are playing out. When we are brave enough to find our own passions and talents we become empowered and enriched and can look to the future with hope and excitement. When we own the pen, we can write the rest of our story in ways that we are growing and giving, doing what inspires us. Easy no, worth it YES!!!

If you were to write the next chapter of your life, what would it be, a mystery, a romance, or an adventure?

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