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When you can trust yourself - you can create change

Jacki Grace Coaching

About Jacki Grace:

Jacki Grace is here to help you take control of your thoughts!! When coaching with Jacki, her clients experience a definite shift in their thinking, that uncovers potential they didn’t realize was there. The Shift shows up in their lives as passion, purpose and unstoppable momentum.


With almost 1,000 hours of coaching behind her, she is willing to guarantee that shift.  It will not only be fun and exciting for the client, but also for the people that they influence.  Now is the time for YOUR shift!



Jacki is a thought strategist who works with overthinkers, guide them as they navigate thorough the maze of the thoughts, finding clarity in the chaos.  They in turn will be come empowered to make overthinking a strength while developing self-compassion and turn anxiety into resilience.  When are ready to tap into their full potential Jacki can show them how.

Reinvent You/Transitions

This isn’t an ordinary coaching experience. We will go deep into understanding what makes you, you and how that plays out in every area of your life. Are you ready to make a change?

Personal Development

Unleash your soul and find Your why.

If you're feeling any of these, We need to talk....

* Overwhelmed, stressed, and like you can never do enough

* Dissatisfied with yourself and your life

* Like you are not enough

* Unclear about who you are and if you have anything to offer

* Disconnected from the important people in your life

* Not sure what you want to do with your life

I Can Help You

  • Let's talk about your journey and see if we are a good fit.

    30 min

  • A short but focused 3 week intensive coaching session.

    45 min

    500 US dollars
  • 12 Weeks of in-depth coaching and discovery.

    1 hr

    2,000 US dollars

  • 55 min

    125 US dollars

What people are saying....

"Through Jacki’s coaching, I made great strides. I gained confidence, found a new sense of self-
worth, and became a more positive person in general. I went from feeling lost and not knowing
where to start, to having a direction and purpose.
Jacki is warm, caring and she has a sense of
humor that helped me get through a tough time."

Life coaching with Jacki has changed my life. She has never shy’d away from asking hard
questions. She doesn’t let me dwell in my mistakes, but refocuses my attention to why, what
and how do I change. She has given me time to work through hard things, she encourages me
when I “get it”, to my core, and celebrates with me in my accomplishments. This has not been
an easy journey at all…But it has been one well worth the energy put into the healing.
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