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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hello, I am Jacki Elsom, and I actually ENJOY life! The good, the bad, and the ugly I experienced it all.

I’ve experienced joy in being a mother to 3 beautiful kids, had the disappointment of having two

marriages fall apart, and faced the challenge of needing to reinventing myself after both of those

marriages ending. 

Through it all, I knew that there was more. I knew there was a life to enjoy and out there and a greater

purpose I had not yet discovered. Now with a sense of surety, I can say that I have found my purpose: to help others find out who they are and how they can live a life full of THEIR purpose. Finding a way for them (for you) to live, that is fulling for them and enriching for the world.


I know what it feels like to “have the rug pulled out from under you” and having to trust others to hold open space to process what had happened. I was grateful for a tribe of people who came around me: helped me heal, find balance again along, and a renewed confidence in myself.


I have found my purpose. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing others come to know who they really are, and what their passion in life is.
As part of my own growth journey, I recovered from Betrayal Trauma


t seems like a dichotomy that for 10 years prior to "D" day, my husband and I had been marriage coaches. I have had the joy of seeing people change their marriages for the better as questions are asked, and conversations occur. 

Now my heart is to share with other women the hope and confidence I have received through the insight and techniques I have acquired in my own self- reconnaissance, along with continued training in the realm of partners with sex addicts. 


  • Accredited Certified Coach - following all the ICF (International Coach Federation) guidelines. 

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