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Living Life on Purpose…Purpose For Living

What a day and hour that we are living in! So much uncertainty and chaos in the world it seems hard to think that there really is a purpose in all of this. What comes to my mind are the words of a song that was released in 1991 sung by Arron Tippin, “You’ve Got to Stand For Something”. It came out during a time when my own life was changing quickly and finding footing on sure ground was difficult for me. In those lyrics he uses a quote by Alexander Hamilton, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for everything.” Perhaps, just maybe some of the challenges that are in front of us today lies within the realm of purpose.

Welcome to my first blog post! This has been in the making for many years now, but practically speaking, only a few short months ago I never thought I would be a writer. Am I a writer now? Well, this will only be the beginning of what I hope will be many more posts. I am also hoping that you will be encouraged, stirred, strengthened and maybe even challenged by some of them. My desire is that I could reach people in a way that might change their current mindset into one of possibilities that were never thought of or dreamed of before. That is one of the reasons that this blog is about PURPOSE!

Living with a life purpose is not about what you do or something you have. Rather what you “do” is an expression of your life purpose. Living a life on purpose, to me, is like having a GPS - it guides you in the choices that you make and direction you take in your life. Almost like a compass, knowing your purpose can help you find your true north in times of uncertainty and chaos. The definition of purpose according to Merriam-Webster is: The reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists. Do you find yourself living a life that you are directing, or one that the world is handing to you? Knowing what you are created for or why you are here in this time and space is not something that you will find in our everyday conversations.

Research shows us that most adults experience three to five major transitions in life.* It is only in those times of transition will a small number of people take the chance and time to discover what their purpose in life might be. Who is going to come along and give you permission to show up in your own life? Research also tells us that 75% of adults share two major issues in a difficult change. Those two issues are stress and time management*. No wonder it is difficult to take time to explore purpose in those changes. So, when and where can you take the time and attention to find out what your purpose might be? The academic environment is not the place to give you a good picture of who and what you are, nor is the world at large. Maybe you are one of the 25% that had the opportunity to do some self-exploration during your formative years; but remember there are 75% of us that did not. Living a life is to be aware of your unique gifts and talents, then showing up in the world on purpose making a commitment to share them. To authentically show up and share on your terms.

Today I am showing up with many years of growing and developing my gifts and talents. Diving into finding my purpose so that I may share them here with you. Trusting they will encourage you and maybe, just maybe, causing you to want to explore what your purpose is also. I bring many life experiences with me and am willing to share my truth in an authentic manner. Sometimes that maybe in a sassy way, sometimes not, but always with honesty and heart. I confess that sometimes fear of what others will think of me will surface but I am pushing past that fear and not letting that fear stop me from my purpose. That is a blog for another day! Here are some thoughtful questions to help you get started thinking on how a life purpose might show up:

What are you passionate about?

What would you tell someone you are good at?

If you could not fail in your life, what would you do?

Are you watering down your vibe your voice or your talents to fit in?

If you would like to explore these questions and begin a journey to find YOUR life purpose, feel free to schedule some time for us to have a conversation.

*PsychCentral: Life Transitions; By Kalman Heller PhD; October, 18, 2018

*Colorado State University Extension; “Transition and Change: Who Copes Well? -10.215, By RJ Fetsch* (6/11)

*Retired Colorado State University Extension human development and family studies specialist and professor, human development and family studies. 8/98. Revised 6/11.

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